Dr. Janice Gilbert

Author, Pastor, Consultant, Christian Life Coach
Affiliates, Center for Christian Coaching,
CCNI Christian Coaches Network Int

Dr. Gilbert BCW President

Dr. Gilbert has now been nominated (Texas Annual Conference) to work with Ethics for the local church in her Annual Conference.
She has established the BCWC local chapter in the Texas Annual Conference in alignment with Local BMCR.

She sits on the ecumenical Advisory Board for Human Sex Trafficing, Beamont TX, and services on the Board of Springs of Hope Living Waters, a non-profit initiative for at risk youth and teams and parental support groups.

Dr. Gilbert served in her previous church, McKinney UMC for 12 years, where the church grew from 150 to over 500 in membership.  The church was awarded the Copeland’s Award for two consecutive years.  Dr. Gilbert was also recognized by the United Methodist Church Evangelism Foundation for local church growth.

Dr. Gilbert has worked and provided leadership for various taskforce teams and committee such as:

Nomination Committee- Conference
District Superintendent Core Leadership Team
Board of Ministry Exc. Committee-Conference
Board of Ministry-Secretary-Conference
District Board of Ministry-District
Chair on Local Clergy Mentors- Conference
Race and Religion - Conference
Special Taskforce Team-Health of Black Church
BMCR-Local Chair-Conference
Spiritual Formation-Conference
General Conference Delegate